League Management Committee – Minutes – 2006–07

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Minutes of the LMC meeting held at 48 Bramcote Avenue on 24/07/2006

1. Apologies were received from Barry Redburn and Graham Ladds.

2. Present: Drag Sudar (DS), Alex Posazhennikov (AP), Maurice Hill (MH), Steve Burke (SB), Wallace Bryce (WB), Ian Kingston (IK)

3. MH was elected Chairman.

4. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

5. MH was elected as LMC representative to the Executive Committee. IK had already been coopted.

6. Items 5 (Rule interpretation guidelines) and 6 (League entries and composition) on the agenda were taken in reverse order by general agreement.

IK reported that all clubs had met the deadline except Mansfield (two days late). It was agreed that no action would be taken. There had been a net loss of three teams: Fiveways 2, Bunkers 4, Long Eaton 2 and Long Eaton 3 had left the league, while West Nottingham 7 had been added.

IK further reported that attempts were being made to attract Nottingham Trent University to join the league.

7. Restructuring. IK’s proposal to accept all promotions and relegations and structure Divisions 1–5 to have 9, 8, 8, 7 and 7 teams respectively was defeated by four votes to two. DS stated that in previous seasons the LMC had opted to maintain divisions of equal numbers of teams as far as possible, and it was agreed that Divisions 1-4 should have eight teams each and Division 5 seven teams.

There was a lengthy discussion about how to reduce the size of Division 1: relegate two teams and promote only one, or relegate three and promote two. The only published guideline was the statement in the League Handbook that the LMC will ‘attempt to promote divisional champions where practical’, pointed out by SB. There was a discussion about which of the two teams affected by the decision (West Bridgford 1 and West Nottingham 2) would be best suited to Division 1. The decision was taken to relegate two teams and promote one by a 5–1 majority.

In Division 2, MH suggested that the same principle as that adopted for Division 1 should be applied. It was agreed that only Ashfield 3 would be promoted unless Ashfield declined promotion, in which case Mansfield 2 would be promoted.

No decision was needed for Division 3 because of the withdrawal of Fiveways 2.

Division 4 was kept at eight teams by relegating just one team.

8. IK’s proposal to publish guidelines for league restructuring was discussed, but there was a general feeling that the LMC should not be bound by specific rules. No vote was taken.

9. The registrations of two new players by Ashfield CC were approved.

10. Dave Griffiths’ email about publicity was noted but not discussed in detail as this was felt to be a matter for the EC.

11. AOB: DS noted that a third LMC reserve member was still needed. IK undertook to find one.

DS asked for clubs’ attention to be drawn to the rule concerning changes of officers’ details etc.

DS asked that his home address not be published on the web site.

Meeting closed at 9:07 p.m.

Ian Kingston
League Secretary
11 June 2007