League Management Committee – Minutes – 2006–07

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Minutes of the LMC meeting on Wednesday July 1st 2009

In Attendance: M. Hill (Chairman), R. Richmond, W. Place, D. Sudar, C. Holt

1. Apologies - K. Harvey and (retrospectively) S. Burke who was stuck in traffic on the M1

2. League Restructuring:

The league secretary, Robert Richmond, reported that West Bridgford had entered a 4th team and Navigation were considering doing so, but 4 teams had withdrawn:

The league was restructured as follows:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Division 3:

Division 4:

Division 5:

The league structure for 2009-10 would be:
Div 1: Uni 1, Grt 1, Ga 1, WB 1, Ne 1, Ash 1, WN 1 (P), Nav 1 (P)
Div 2: Man 1 (R), LE (R), Ash 2, Ga 2, Nom 1, Nom 2 (P), R&B 1 (P), Ne 2 (P) or WB 2 (DP)
Div 3: WN 2 (R), Uni 2, WN 3, Ga 3, Ash 3, Man 2, Grt 2 (P), Ne 2 or WB 2 (P)
Div 4: Ga 4, Ash 4, Nom 3, Nav 2, WN 4, WB 3, WN 5 (P), possibly Uni 3
Div 5: R&B 2, Nom 4, WN 6, Nav 3, WN 7, WB 4 (new), possibly Uni 3 (R) plus new team(s)?

3. Other matters:

  1. No comments about the result cards were received by the LMC so clubs will receive a results template instead of result cards. Result cards will be sent to clubs for use by captains known not to submit results by email.
  2. The fixtures handbook will include guidance on the postponement of fixtures (including mutual agreement by captains or due to bad weather) emphasising prior permission must be sought (rule B15a).
  3. The 150 grading limit in rule C6(b) remains unchanged despite the grading inflation.
  4. The Executive Committee LMC representative will be the league secretary unless already on the EC, in which case it will be the LMC chairman.

Robert Richmond / Drag Sudar

Minutes of the LMC meeting on Thursday July 9th 2009

In Attendance: M Hill (Chairman), R Richmond, K Harvey, C Holt, W Place, D Sudar.

Apologies - S Burke

After the LMC meeting opn 1st July the league secretary was contacted by university's new club secretary who explained they now wished University 3 to be withdrawn. However Newark had already accepted the promotion to division 2 therefore another LMC meeting was arranged to resolve this matter.

The LMC considered 4 possible options:

  1. Keep Newark 2 in division 2 and University 2 in division 3 as agreed on July 1st based upon the information available to the LMC at the time.
  2. Move University 2 up to division 2 and Newark 2 down to division 3
  3. Explain the situation to Newark 2 and ask them to choose whether they wished to remain in division 2 or return to division 3 with University 2 taking the other slot.
  4. Move University 2 in division 2 but also keep Newark 2 in division 2.

Option d was rejected by the Committee as it would have resulted in an unbalanced league structure with 9 teams in division 2 and 7 teams in 2 of the lower divisions.

Arguments were presented in favour of options a, b & c including the following:

There was a desire to play it straight with Newark. The offer had been made to Newark based on the information provided by the University to the LMC and therefore should be honoured.

There was irritation with University changing their mind but also some sympathy as they had different challenges to other clubs due to the annual turnover of membership resulting in new and inexperienced officers. Also, Unversity 2 could potentially be a strong team therefore would be better placed in division 2, providing a better balance of strengths in the league.

If the LMC had followed strict protocol they would have offered the spare place in division 2 to University 3 which was the next highest team (3rd) in division 3, but as University had specifically withdrawn their 2nd team this option was not chosen on July 1st.

The Committee opted to inform Newark of the altered circumstances, apologise for any inconvenience caused and allow Newark 2 to decide whether to play in division 2 or 3 with University 2 taking the other available slot.

Post-Meeting Update 14/07/2009:

Newark generously decided to remain in division 3.

University offered their thanks to the LMC and to Newark.

The revised league structure for 2009-10 is:
Div 1: Uni 1, Grt 1, Gam 1, WB 1, New 1, Ash 1, WN 1 (P), Nav 1 (P)
Div 2: Man 1 (R), LE (R), Ash 2, Gam 2, Nom 1, Uni 2, Nom 2 (P), R&B 1 (P)
Div 3: WN 2 (R), New 2, WN 3, Gam 3, Ash 3, Man 2, Grt 2 (P), WB 2 (P)
Div 4: Gam 4, Ash 4, Nom 3, Nav 2, WN 4, WB 3, Uni 3, WN 5 (P)
Div 5: R&B 2, Nom 4, WN 6, Nav 3, WN 7, WB 4 (new), Nav 4 (new)

Drag Sudar