Nottinghamshire County Championship 2009

Robert Richmond

The Championship produced a grandstand finish, with the top two games the last to finish. Stubborn defence by Pete Mercs prevented Alex Combie from converting his extra pawn, and both finished on 3½. The last game to finish was fittingly between the two highest graded players, with Pablo Padilla Cabero needing to beat Mike Barnes for the title. This was looking unlikely until deep into the blitz finish, since he was the wrong side of R vs N + P. However Mike went wrong in the complications and Pablo squeezed through to become the new County Champion.

The U160 was a University clean sweep, with Tim Poole and Keith Walters sharing 1st place. Andrew Garside and Adam Riley (in his first tournament) were the runaway winners of the U135 and U100 respectively, with Andrew also becoming Junior Champion. Second place went to Mark Kenyon (Age 9) in the U135 and brother James (Age 11) in the U110. John Buttery took the senior prize and Louise Brace, George Seabridge and Raghav Sudarshan sharing the junior prizes.

Best game prizes, one in each section, awarded to Pablo Padilla, Keith Walters, Mark Kirtley and George Seabridge. The Championship award was a bit of a toss up between Pablo and the shock win in round 1 by Richard Webster over Mike Barnes, but I like the finish in Pablo's game. Keiths' tactics are brief but spectacular. Marks' game is wild, but black always seems to be in control. George has a convincing K-side attack. Play through the games

The entry was 55, up from 48 last year, with the grading changes producing more even spread of numbers in the various sections. My thanks, as always, to the High School for the venue and for assistance from John Swain.


Name Club Score
1 Pablo Padilla Cabero Ashfield 4
2= Alex Combie Newark
  Peter Mercs Gambit
4= David Coates Grantham 3
  Richard Webster Ashfield 3
6= Brian Thompson West Bridgfod
  Michael Barnes Gambit
  Peter Kirby Copperworks (Yorks)
9= Derek Jarvis Ashfield 2
  Steven Burke Ashfield 2
11 Terence Nabbs West Bridgford


Name Club Score
1= Tim Poole University 4
  Keith Walters University 4
3= Stephen Foster Nottingham Central 3
  Daniel Broughton West Bridgford 3
  Peter Gorecka-Marshall Gambit 3
6= Robert Taylor Ashfield
  Ivan David Grantham
  Nick London Radcliffe & Bingham
  Keith Roper Gambit
  Robert Willoughby West Nottingham
11= John Collins West Nottingham 2
  George Murfet Radcliffe & Bingham 2
13= Philip Morgan Ashfield
  James Thomson West Nottingham
15 Janos Wagenbach Mansfield 1


Name Club Score
1 Andrew Garside West Nottingham
2 Mark Kenyon West Nottingham 4
3 Peter Brace Spondon
4= Gary Hopkinson Gambit 3
  John Buttery Radcliffe & Bingham 3
6= Michael Nailard Radcliffe & Bingham
  Ray Sayer Ashfield
  Mark Kirtley Gambit
  Ben Hobson Gambit
  David Dunne Nottingham Central
11= Alan Kenyon West Nottingham 2
  Ross MacKay West Nottingham 2
13= Michael Zhang West Nottingham
  Christopher Cumbers Grantham
15= Neel Kothari West Nottingham 1
  Andrew Sutton Nottingham Central 1
17 Arun Maini West Nottingham 0


Name Club Score
1 Adam Riley West Bridgford
2 James Kenyon West Nottingham 4
3= George Seabridge Long Eaton 3
  Charlotte Attwood Radcliffe & Bingham 3
  Louise Brace Spondon 3
  Raghav Sudarshan   3
7 Russell O'Brien West Nottingham
8= Harry Croasdale West Nottingham 2
  Kenneth Heath Gambit 2
  Graham Garside West Nottingham 2
11 Steve Baker Radcliffe & Bingham
12= Scott Edwards Nomads ½
  David Somers West Nottingham ½
14= Saraas Mehan West Nottingham 0
  Ken Cairney Nottingham Central 0

Other Prizes

Junior Champion - Andrew Garside

Senior Prize - John Buttery

Junior Prizes - George Seabridge, Louise Brace, Raghav Sudarshan

Best Game Prizes

County Championship Game Prize - Pablo Padilla

U160 Game Prize - Keith Walters

U135 Game Prize - Mark Kirtley

U110 Game Prize - George Seabridge