League Management Committee – Minutes – 2010–11

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Minutes of the LMC meeting on Friday April 15th 2011

In Attendance: Maurice Hill (Chair & Nomads), Drag Sudar (League Secretary & Gambit), Dave Griffiths (Records Secretary & Nomads), Steve Burke (Ashfield), Chris Holt (Grantham) & David Levens (West Nottingham)

Apologies - Kevin Harvey and Tim Walker

The minutes of the previous meeting on 5th July 2010 were approved. On matters arising, Drag said the LMC procedural guide was still to be done and Dave said that most of the match results had been submitted by both captains, the main exceptions being University 1 & Long Eaton.

Drag reported a relatively quiet season until March. Two teams had entered after the start of the season and finding suitable fixture dates had been tricky. 23 matches were rearranged during the season: 13 due to snow; 5 due to problems with venues; 3 on request; 2 by Drag himself to accommodate the new teams in div 5.

Dave said the submission of results by email was more efficient than the previous method of posting the result cards and enabled him to update the website more quickly. There were 3 match defaults, by Mansfield 1 & Long Eaton at the end of the season and by Central 4 (the match was one of the two rearranged by Drag, who had emailed the div 5 captains), and more boards were defaulted than last season, explained partially by Nomads losing 8 members (work, school & other issues) and choosing to default boards to retain 4 teams and player eligibilities rather than to drop a team.

Maurice and the other members thanked Drag and Dave for doing a good job this season.

Dave observed that some captains were not using the result sheets provided by Drag before the season started, instead writing their teams on bits of paper. The LMC agreed that captains must continue to exchange team lists and keep a signed copy of the match result. Steve suggested including pages for results in the fixtures handbook. Drag said he would include his excel spreadsheet (4 result ‘cards’ per page), and will update page 3 accordingly.

Maurice asked Drag about the start date of next season. Drag replied that the first fixtures would be in the week beginning 5th September; clubs wishing to start later should indicate so on their entry forms.

West Bridgford had challenged the result of the 3-2 win by Uni 3 over WB 3; they felt that Uni 3 had selected an ineligible player on board 1 claiming that as Uni 2 had ‘played’ 5 players v Ash 3 (who defaulted board 5) Uni 2’s board 3 had played high up. The LMC unanimously agreed the ‘bottom two boards played’ in the Uni 2 v Ash 3 match were boards 3 & 4 and therefore Uni 2’s board 3 did not play high up. A ‘board played’ requires two players. So the result stands, but there will be a proposal to change rule C4 so that the top 3 players are ‘high up’ if a team fields 5 players, regardless of how many boards the opponents default.

Mansfield’s angry reaction to the LMC not granting permission for a new player graded 194 to play against Uni 1 in March was discussed. A reply will be sent to Mansfield. Their request was made less than a week before the match. Had an LMC meeting been called it would have been weeks before a decision was reached so the player would not have been able to play v Uni 1, therefore the LMC reacted well to reach a decision by email before the date of the match. Only disinterested members voted. There had been legitimate concern at the time about a player being brought in at such a late stage of the season to potentially affect Mansfield 1’s and other teams’ attempts to avoid relegation. The LMC do understand Mansfield’s frustration as the player lives 1 mile outside the county border and may well grant permission if Mansfield seek permission for this player, and possibly other Worksop members, to play from the start of next season. It was agreed C6b was an imperfect rule and various ideas were discussed, including a ‘transfer deadline’, but the only change proposed is reducing the 150 limit to 120. The LMC will continue to monitor the situation.

Several rules revision proposals were agreed (detailed elsewhere).

The date of the next meeting was provisionally agreed for Friday 8th July.

The meeting was closed at 22:00.

Minutes of the LMC meeting on Friday July 8th 2011

In Attendance: M Hill (Chair), S Burke, D Levens, D Sudar, T Walker

Apologies - D Griffiths, K Harvey, C Holt

The minutes of the previous meeting on 15th April 2011 were accepted.

DS reported that 39 teams had entered for 2010-11; Nomads and Radcliffe & Bingham had each withdrawn their 3rd team.

There will be 8 teams in the top 4 divisions and 7 teams in division 5 in 2011-12.

Division 1: Newark 1 and Long Eaton were relegated to division 2
Division 2: West Nottingham 1 and Ashfield 2 were promoted to division 1
Nomads 1 and Ashfield 3 were relegated to division 3
Division 3: West Bridgford 1 and Radcliffe & Bingham 1 were promoted to division 2
West Nottingham 2 was relegated to division 4
Division 4: Mansfield 2 and Nottingham Central 2 were promoted to division 3
Nomads 4 was relegated to division 5
Division 5: Ashfield 4 and West Bridgford 4 were promoted to division 4.

The West Nottingham and Nomads teams were renumbered accordingly.

Therefore the 2011-12 league structure will be:

Div 1: Grt 1, WB 1, Gam 1, Ash 1, Uni 1, Man 1, WN 1 (p), Ash 2 (p)
Div 2: New 1 (r), LE (r), NC 1, Grt 2, Uni 2, Gam 2, WB 2 (p), RB 1 (p)
Div 3: Nom 1 (r), Ash 3 (r), Gam 3, Nom 2, New 2, WN 2, Man 2 (p), NC 2 (p)
Div 4: WN 3 (r), WB 3, Gam 4, WN 4, Uni 3, RB 2, Ash 4 (p), WB 4 (p)
Div 5: Nom 3 (r), WB 5, WN 5, Ash 5, NC 3, Gam 5, NC 4

During a quick review of the proposals passed by the rules revision meeting it was agreed that a suitable transfer deadline for out of county players could be mid March when teams usually had about 3 matches left. To be followed up with a firm proposal.

DS will add a note in the handbook about the change to the rules about player eligibility.

Jim Burnett was granted permission to play for Mansfield.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed at 21:30.