Nottinghamshire County Championship 2010

Robert Richmond

Unseasonably early snowfall Saturday morning made getting in hazardous, but 49 hardy souls managed to shiver in (and through) the weekend. Abel Yap cruised to the Championship, ahead of David Coates.

There were numerous outstanding junior performances. Michael Fletcher (11) won the U160 and becomes Junior Champion, possibly the youngest ever. Mark (10) and James Kenyon (12) were second in the U160's and U135 respectively, with dad winning the U135's. Harry Croasdale (11) and Russell O'Brien (13) were also second in the U135's and U110's respectively.

Charlotte Attwood improved on her strong performance in the Minor section of the congress earlier in the year to win the U110's with a round to spare.

I forgot to ask for Best Game submissions. Prize(s) of 5 will be awarded for any game(s) received before Christmas and deemed worthy of publication.

My thanks to as always for assistance from John Swain and Nottingham High for the venue.


Name Club Score
1 Abel Yap University 4½ County Champion
2 David Coates Grantham 4
3 Alex Combie Newark 3
4= Peter Mercs Gambit
  Daniel Wells Newark
  Ivan David Grantham
  Derek Jarvis Ashfield
8= Drag Sudar Gambit
  Janos Wagenbach Mansfield
10 Eric Williamson West Notts 1


Name Club Score
1 Michael Fletcher West Notts 4
2= Mark Kenyon West Notts
  Daniel Broughton West Bridgford
4 Keith Walters University 3
5= Phil Morgan Ashfield
  James Thomson West Notts
  Barry Redburn Radcliffe & Bingham
  Peter Gorecka-Marshall Gambit
9= George Murfet Radcliffe & Bingham 2
  John Collins West Nottingham 2
  Keith Roper Gambit 2
12= Robert Willoughby West Nottingham
  Robert Taylor Ashfield


Name Club Score
1 Alan Kenyon West Nottingham 4
2= James Kenyon West Nottingham
  Harry Croasdale West Bridgford
4= David Dunne West Nottingham 3
  Saaras Mehan West Bridgford 3
6= Allan Brown Gambit
  Ray Sayer Ashfield
  Michael Harper Gambit
  Gary Hopkinson Gambit
10= Andrew Sutton Nottingham Central 2
  Michael Nailard Radcliffe & Bingham 2
12= Graham Gibson Gambit
  Peter Brace Spondon 1


Name Club Score
1 Charlotte Attwood Radcliffe & Bingham
2= Russell O'Brien West Nottingham
  Chris Sargeant University
4= Mike Falgate Radcliffe & Bingham 3
  Louise Brace Spondon 3
6= Michael Seagrave Nomads
  Chris Bonnello Radcliffe & Bingham
  Kevin Argyle Nottingham Central
9= John Croasdale West Bridgford 2
  Magva Dutka   2
11 Ken Heath Gambit
12= Karam Sangar NJHS 1
  William Stewart NJHS 1

Other Prizes

Junior Champion - Michael Fletcher

Senior Prizes - Keith Walters, Mike Falgate

Best Game Prizes