League Management Committee – Minutes – 2012-13

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Minutes of the LMC meeting on Monday July 15th 2013

Held at Fiveways Inn

  1. Apologies received from Chris Holt (ankle injury).
  2. Minutes of previous meeting approved.
  3. Matters Arising
    1. 3.1. West Nottingham entered a 7th team late.
    2. 3.2. Only one team played away under the new disability guidelines.
  4. Chairman – Maurice re-elected.
  5. EC Representative – Maurice re-elected.
  6. League Structure – Following withdrawal of West Nottingham 2, and the bottom teams of Ashfield and Central, it was decided that we would have 5 divisions of 8 teams each. Applying all expected promotions and relegations, this left a place in Div 3 to be filled by either not relegating Gambit 4 or promoting Nomads 2 who finished 3rd in Div 4. After considering their respective performances, it was decided not to relegate Gambit 4.
  7. The rest of the Handbook content was reviewed.
    1. 7.1 Robert Richmond had suggested keeping a week free for re-arranged matches, although it would push the last week of fixtures back past Easter. It was decided not to go with this, but to try to get the issued fixtures set to finish before Easter if possible.
    2. 7.2 Page three of the Handbook was reviewed with some amendments as attached.
    3. 7.3 Robert has agreed to arrange the Handbook as I will most likely be away when this needs to be done.
  8. We discussed how the League Rules mesh with the Constitution, in view of the coming review of these. We decided that something along the lines set out below seems sensible and should be considered in that review.
  9. AOB – There wasn’t any!
  10. Meeting closed at 20:40.

Potential change to League Rules - re changing them.

The 1st GM should revert to June because clubs need sufficient time after the end of the season to discuss any proposals. One option could be to change league rule A5:

  1. alter to 'only at a general meeting provided that 21 days’ notice of the proposed changes has been provided by the association secretary'
  2. can then be deleted.
  3. proposals deadline 30 April.