Nottinghamshire County Championship 2012-13

Robert Richmond

The bad weather all but wiped out the entry from anywhere north of the City, and reduced the Championship and U135 to all-play-all. 42 hardy souls struggled through the cold and ice to Bramcote - in the circumstances a respectable turnout. Mike Barnes streaked away with the Championship to increase his record of title wins to 6 (nobody else has more than 4). The U160's and U110's also went to form, with the two highest graded players in each section meeting in the last round to decide the title.


NameClub Points Prize
1 Michael Barnes Gambit £40 Champion
2= Daniel Broughton West Bridgford 3 12.50
  Alex Combie Newark 3 £12.50
4 Marc Subira Gambit  
5 Tim Kendall Gambit  
6 Ross Murphy Long Eaton 1  


NameClub Points Prize
1 James Byrne University 4 £40
2 Tim Poole University £25
3= Harry Croasdale West Bridgford 3 £25 Junior Champion
  Keith Walters University 3 £25 Senior Prize
5= Chris Budd West Bridgford  
  Nick London Radcliffe & Bingham  
  Taylor Pearson West Nottingham  
8= Rob Ensor Gambit 2  
9 Robert Willoughby West Nottingham  
10 Steve Bak Ashfield 1  


Name Club Points Prize
1= George Murfet Radcliffe & Bingham £32.50
  Hari Solomonides West Bridgford £32.50
3= Michael Harper Gambit  
  Karam Sangha West Nottingham  
5 Yacine Zerdazi Radcliffe & Bingham 2  
6 Jonah Willow West Nottingham  


Name Club Points Prize
1= Chris Fraser  West Bridgford 4 £22
  Samuel Smith-McGloin West Nottingham 4 £22
  Andrew Thompson Gambit 4 £22
4= Simon Bambury Radcliffe & Bingham  
  Sahrin Ahluwalia West Nottingham £15 Junior Prize
6= Steven Luland University 3  
  Michael Swanwick Nomads 3  
  James Watts University 3  
9= Aditya Munshi West Nottingham  
  Andrew Sutton Nottingham Central  
  Hambel Willow West Nottingham  
  Martyn Winn West Bridgford  
13= Robert Abrahart West Bridgford 2  
  Adam Bennett West Nottingham 2  
  Anushka Shah West Nottingham 2  
16= Neel Badhe West Nottingham  
  Rohan Shah West Nottingham  
  Donald Flynn Nottm HS  
19 Abhishek Thakar West Nottingham 1  
20 Duncan Abrahart West Bridgford 0