CWANG 2016

Report by organiser Drag Sudar

47 of Nottinghamshire’s finest (!?) gathered at the Horse ‘n’ Groom on 18 Aug to battle for the ‘2016 CWANG Champions’ title. The teams this year were Ashfield, Central, Gambit, Nomads and a combined Mansfield/RB team, with guests from Uni and WB.

As always, the event couldn’t take place without the hard work, at relatively short notice, by the other captains, Neil Graham, Steve Foster, Dave Griffiths, Jon Tait and Barry Redburn, and the support of those who turned up to play, so a very big thanks to you all for ensuring we had yet another highly enjoyable evening.

There should be more evenings like this during the year: Over to you, Executive Committee...

Gambit emerged winners on 25 points, with Ashfield (21.5) narrowly beating Mansfield/RB (20.5) to 2nd place. Nomads (15.5) were 4th while Central (13.5) took their customary seats near the bar. Gambit overtake Ashfield in the cumulative points table:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Total
Gambit 3 4 3 5 4 5 5 29
Ashfield 4 5 5 4 3 3 4 28
WB/Man/RB 1 2 4 2.5 2 4 3 18.5
Nomads 5 3 1 2.5 1 2 2 16.5
Central 2 1 2 1 5 1 1 13

Seeing as it is Olympic year, for a bit of fun here is a table of Gold, Silver and Bronze performers (where points are equal, the lower grade player finishes higher):

Gold Silver Bronze
Bds 1&2 K Morrison (Man/RB) 3.5 M Barnes (Gam) 3.5 J Tait (Man/RB) 3.5
Bds 3&4 S Bhayat (Nom) 3 N Graham (Ash) 3 G Jennings (Gam) 2.5
Bds 5&6 D Padvis (Nom) * 3 J Huthwaite (Gam) 3 B Hayward (Gam) 3
Bds 7&8 T Lewis (Ash) 4 C Owusu (Nom) 3.5 M Hunter (Nom) * 3
Bds 9&10 P Clarke (Ash) 4 R Watson (Gam) 3.5 A Meade (Cen) 3

* Guests

Nomads come 1st in the medal table!

Gold  Silver Bronze Total
Nomads 2 1 1 4
Ashfield 2 1 0 3
Man/RB 1 0 1 2
Gambit 0 3 2 5
Central 0 0 1 1

Detailed Results:

A = Central
B = Mansfield/RB
C = Gambit
D = Ashfield
E = Nomads

Round 1
A1 Kevin Harvey 0-1 Jon Tait B1
C1 Michael Barnes 1-0 Steve Burke D1
E1 Bye 0-1 Alan Griffiths A2
B2 Ken Morrison 1-0 John Swain C2
D2 Jerry Herrington 0-1 Maurice Hill E2
B3 Chris Cantrill 1-0 Mike Naylor C3
D3 Phil Morgan ½-½ Shane Bhayat E3
A3 Mark Radford 1-0 Kevin Simpson B4
C4 Drag Sudar (sub for GJ) 1-0 Neil graham D4
E4 Dave Griffiths 0-1 Graham Gibson A4
C5 Brian Hayward ½-½ Nigel Wright D5
E5 Robert Parker 1-0 Steve Foster A5
B5 Janos Wagenbach 0-1 John Huthwaite C6
D6 Steve Luland 0-1 Derek Padvis E6
A6 Andy Sutton ½-½ George Murfet B6
D7 Trevor Lewis 1-0 Mike Hunter E7
A7 Lukasz Kacprzak 0-1 Marcel Taylor B7
C7 John Tassi ½-½ Ray Sayer D8
E8 Clement Owusu 1-0 Simon Parham A8
B8 Barry Redburn 0-1 Gary Hopkinson C8
B9 Charlotte Attwood 0-1 Ronnie Watson C9
A10 Mike James 0-1 Dorothy Blampied B10
D9 Pete Clarke 1-0 Ken Heath C10
A9 Alex Meade 1-0 Bye  


Round 2
B1 Jon Tait 1-0 Jerry Herrington D2
D1 Steve Burke 1-0 Kevin Harvey A1
A2 Alan Griffiths 0-1 Michael Barnes C1
C2 John Swain ½-½ Drag Sudar E1
E2 Maurice Hill 0-1 Ken Morrison B2
C3 Mike Naylor 1-0 Dave Griffiths E4
E3 Shane Bhayat 1-0 Chris Cantrill B3
B4 Kevin Simpson 1-0 Phil Morgan D3
D4 Neil Graham 1-0 Mark Radford A3
A4 Graham Gibson 0-1 Graeme Jennings C4
D5 Nigel Wright 1-0 Andy Sutton A6
A5 Steve Foster ½-½ Brian Hayward C5
C6 John Huthwaite 1-0 Robert Parker E5
E6 Derek Padvis 1-0 Janos Wagenbach B5
B6 George Murfet ½-½ Steve Luland D6
E7 Mike Hunter 1-0 Barry Redburn B8
B7 Marcel Taylor 0-1 Trevor Lewis D7
D8 Ray Sayer 1-0 Lukasz Kacprzak A7
A8 Simon Parham 0-1 John Tassi C7
C8 Gary Hopkinson 0-1 Clement Owusu E8
A9 Alex Meade 1-0 Ken Heath C10
B10 Dorothy Blampied 0-1 Pete Clarke D9
B9 Charlotte Attwood 1-0 Mike James A10
C9 Ronnie Watson 1-0 Bye  


Round 3
C1 Michael Barnes ½-½ Jon Tait B1
E1 Drag Sudar ½-½ Steve Burke D1
B2 Ken Morrison 1-0 Alan Griffiths A2
D2 Jerry Herrington 0-1 John Swain C2
A1 Kevin Harvey 1-0 Maurice Hill E2
D3 Phil Morgan 0-1 Mike Naylor C3
A3 Mark Radford 0-1 Shane Bhayat E3
C4 Graeme Jennings 1-0 Kevin Simpson B4
E4 Dave Griffiths 0-1 Neil Graham D4
B3 Chris Cantrill 0-1 Graham Gibson A4
E5 Robert Parker 0-1 Nigel Wright D5
B5 Janos Wagenbach 1-0 Steve Foster A5
D6 Steve Luland 0-1 John Huthwaite C6
A6 Andy Sutton 0-1 Derek Padvis E6
C5 Brian Hayward 1-0 George Murfet B6
A7 Lukasz Kacprzak 0-1 Mike Hunter E7
C7 John Tassi 1-0 Marcel Taylor B7
E8 Clement Owusu 1-0 Ray Sayer D8
B8 Barry Redburn 0-1 Simon Parham A8
D7 Trevor Lewis 1-0 Gary Hopkinson C8
B9 Charlotte Attwood 0-1 Alex Meade A9
B10 Dorothy Blampied ½-½ Ronnie Watson C9
A10 Mick James 0-1 Ken Heath C10
D9 Peter Clarke 1-0 Bye  


Round 4
B1 Jon Tait 1-0 Drag Sudar E1
D1 Steve Burke ½-½ Ken Morrison B2
A2 Alan Griffiths 0-1 Jerry Herrington D2
C2 John Swain ½-½ Kevin Harvey A1
E2 Maurice Hill 0-1 Michael Barnes C1
C3 Mike Naylor 0-1 Mark Radford A3
E3 Shane Bhayat ½-½ Graeme Jennings C4
B4 Kevin Simpson 1-0 Dave Griffiths E4
D4 Neil Graham 1-0 Chris Cantrill B3
A4 Graham Gibson 0-1 Phil Morgan D3
D5 Nigel Wright 0-1 Janos Wagenbach B5
A5 Steve Foster 0-1 Steve Luland D6
C6 John Huthwaite 0-1 Andy Sutton A6
E6 Derek Padvis 0-1 Brian Hayward C5
B6 George Murfet 1-0 Robert Parker E5
E7 Mike Hunter 1-0 John Tassi C7
B7 Marcel Taylor ½-½ Clement Owusu E8
D8 Ray Sayer ½-½ Barry Redburn B8
A8 Simon Parham 0-1 Trevor Lewis D7
C8 Gary Hopkinson 0-1 Lukasz Kacprzak A7
A9 Alex Meade 0-1 Pete Clarke D9
C9 Ronnie Watson 1-0 Mike James A10
B9 Charlotte Attwood 1-0 Ken Heath C10
B10 Dorothy Blampied 1-0 Bye