League Management Committee – Minutes – 2017–18

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Minutes of the LMC meeting on Monday 17th July 2017

Held at White Lion, Bramcote

Attendees: S Burke, M Naylor, N London C Holt, C Budd, D Padvis, P Morgan, D Griffiths, J Litherland

  1. Election of Chairman – N London was elected chairman.

  2. League Structure 2016/17

    1. 40 teams currently entered to be in five equal divisions.
    2. Grantham 2 had requested to be moved from div 1 to div 2. C Holt explained this was due to the change in league rules and some changes in player circumstances. LMC agreed to this request with Gambit 2 retaining their place in div 1.
    3. West Nottingham 2 had withdrawn from the league, div 2. There was lengthy discussion as to whether Ashfield 3 should be promoted or Gambit 3 not relegated to fill the gap. In the end the decision was in favour of promoting Ashfield 3.
    4. The spare place in div 3 was between Gambit 4 and West Bridgford (WB3 were relegated, WB4 finished 3rd in div 4). Gambit 4 wished to go down, so West Bridgford 3 will play in div 3.
    5. To bring div 4 up to 8 teams, Radclidde & Bingham 2 were reprieved from relegation and the top three teams for div 5 promoted.
    6. University may not have enough captains to run four teams, but the fourth team should be included in the fixtures for now.
    7. The final structure is therefore:

      Division 1
      Grantham 1
      Mansfield 1
      Gambit 1
      Ashfield 1
      West Bridgford 1
      Newark 1
      West Nottingham 1
      Gambit 2

      Division 2
      Ashfield 2
      Grantham 2
      Newark 2
      Long Eaton
      West Bridgford 2
      Nomads 1
      University 1
      Ashfield 3

      Division 3
      Central 1
      Gambit 3
      Radcliffe & Bingham 1
      Grantham 3
      West Nottingham 2
      Nomads 2
      University 2
      West Bridgford 3

      Division 4
      Gambit 4
      West Bridgford 4
      West Nottingham 3
      Central 2
      Radcliffe & Bingham 2
      Newark 3
      Nomads 3
      Ashfield 4

      Division 5
      Gambit 5
      West Bridgford 5
      Central 3
      West Nottingham 4
      West Nottingham 5
      University 3
      University 4

  3. Food for Thought?

    There was some discussion about various ways the process for changing rules might be amended. There will be further discussion later in the season.

  4. New season preparations

    1. MN will produce his proposal for how to operate under the new rule C7.
    2. SB will produce an updated “League Secretary’s Notes” including this and other rule changes, plus any other updates (including mention of the fire procedures point).
    3. SB will liaise with arbiters and produce an updated “Laws of Chess” note.
    4. When produced the above will be circulated and decision taken as to whether a meeting is required to agree them.

  5. Other Business

    CB raised the question of whether anything could be done to avoid juniors in the lower division re travelling to away games. PM mentioned this could also apply to seniors. Ideas to be considered at a later date.

S Burke (League Secretary) 18th July 2017