Nottingham Rapidplay 2020

Despite some difficulties, we managed to reorganise things following the very sad loss of Tournament Director Robert Richmond on 9 January. Happily, numbers were not significantly affected by the stormy weather, and we’d thank the competitors (particularly those who travelled long distances) for that.

Simon Scott masterminded the first use at our Rapidplay of the Swiss Manager program (he also introduced it at the Congress last March).

Robert’s latest innovation, the "Improvers" Section, was a success. There were approximately as many entries in the Improvers Section as in each of the Open, Major and Minor sections. It was also encouraging to see so many juniors playing in an 'adult' competition.

Thanks are due to all those who helped in various ways before, during and after this event, including those who helped tidy away afterwards. Particular thanks are due to Shane Bhayat, Dorothy Blampied, Chris Budd, Steve Burke, Neil Graham, Barry Redburn, Simon Scott, John Swain, Marcel Taylor, Nick London and James Thomson.

Detailed results may be found at:

John Swain



1st - Mark Hebden £150
2nd= John Naylor and Shabir Okhai £37.50
U185 - Daniel Broughton £20
U170 - Armaan Gogia and Anita Somton £10


1st= Paul Colburn and Robert Taylor £75
U145 - John Thomson and Andy Toothill £10


1st= Andrew Allen and Graham Gibson £75
U120 - Chris Fraser and Kevin Gallagher £10


1st= Ray Bettam and Granville Hill £75
U90 Gavin Dow and Joshua Sawyer £10


1st= Adam Hartshorne and Isaac Keenan £75
U90 grading prize: Richard Bohm, Rene Butler and Vassily Sagyaman £6.66