Bunkers jamboree 2005

Neil Graham

To mark the opening night of the Bunkers Chess Club at their new venue of The Rose of England, Mansfield Road, Nottingham, the club hosted a three-way competition with Gambit and Ashfield. The format was a 10 board Jamboree with two rapidplay games; 30 minutes on the clock each.

In Round One Gambit took a huge lead, with scores Gambit 8; Ashfield 3½; Bunkers 3½, and although Round Two was a much closer affair (Ashfield 5½; Gambit 5; Bunkers 4½), the first round proved decisive; final scores: Gambit 13; Ashfield 9; Bunkers 8.

Here are the full results:

Round One

John Harrison (B1) 1–0 Glenn Halfpenny (A1)
Mike Barnes (G1) 1–0 John Tassi (B2)
Richard Webster (A2) ½–½ Peter Mercs (G2)
Neil Graham (A3) ½–½ Kevin Harvey (B3)
Graeme Jennings (B4) ½–½ Tony Wright (G3)
Brian Hayward (G4) ½–½ Bob Taylor (A4)
Phil Morgan (A5) ½–½ Adam Spencer (B5)
Drag Sudar (G5) 1–0 Stan Cranmer (A6)
Patrick Allen (B6) ½–½ Austen Carlton (G6)
Matthew Moore (B7) 0–1 Simon Wells (A7)
Graham Gibson (G7) 1–0 Mike Frings (B8)
Alan Robinson (A8) 0–1 Ian Fillingham (G8)
Dorothy Blampied (B9) ½–½ Alan Morrey (A9)
John Prescott (G9) 1–0 Mike James (B10)
Terry Norris-Hunt (A10) 0–1 Ken Heath (G10)

Round Two

Glenn Halfpenny (A1) ½–½ Mike Barnes (G1)
Peter Mercs (G2) 1–0 John Harrison (B1)
John Tassi (B2) 1–0 Richard Webster (A2)
Tony Wright (G3) 1–0 Neil Graham (A3)
Kevin Harvey (B3) 1–0 Brian Hayward (G4)
Bob Taylor (A4) 0–1 Graeme Jennings (B4)
Drag Sudar (G5) 1–0 Phil Morgan (A5)
Adam Spencer (B5) 1–0 Austen Carlton (G6)
Stan Cranmer (A6) 1–0 Patrick Allen (B6)
Simon Wells (A7) 1–0 Graham Gibson (G7)
Ian Fillingham (G8) 1–0 Matthew Moore (B7)
Mike Frings (B8) 0–1 Alan Robinson (A8)
Alan Morrey (A9) 1–0 John Prescott (G9)
Ken Heath (G10) ½–½ Dorothy Blampied (B9)
Mike James (B10) 0–1 Terry Norris-Hunt (A10)