Bunkers jamboree 2007 – BAG Challenge III

Drag Sudar

The 3rd BAG Challenge was held at the Navigation on 19 June.

It was a 2 round, 30 minutes per player jamboree and once again had an exciting finish.

After Round 1 Ashfield had 7 points, closely followed by Gambit on 6 with Bunkers on 2.

In Round 2 the final game to finish saw Glenn needing a draw to force a tie break, but Pete managed to win so the final result was Bunkers 5 points, Ashfield 12 and Gambit 13.

As three-time winners, Gambit will now keep the non-existent trophy and a new non-existent trophy will be provided for the next challenge which might have a new name, possibly NAG.

I would like to thank Kev for organising his team and use of the venue, Elaine the landlady for providing the food (especially those wonderful roast potatoes), Neil for organising his team, and all the players who yet again ensured it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Round 1

J. Harrison (B) 0–1 G. Halfpenny (A)
R. Webster (A) 1–0 M. Barnes (G)
P. Mercs (G) 1–0 A. Griffiths (B)
K. Harvey (B) 1–0 R. Taylor (A)
N. Graham (A) 0–1 A. Wright (G)
B. Hayward (G) 0–1 K. Brameld (B)
W. Place (B) 0–1 P. Morgan (A)
T. Lewis (A) 1–0 S. Hunter (G)
D. Sudar (G) 1–0 M. Moore (B)
P. Allen (B) 0–1 M. Jackson (A)
N. Wright (A) 1–0 M. Harper (G)
D. Padvis (G) 1–0 S. Parham (B)
A. Chubb (B) 0–1 R. Sayer (A)
S. McIntosh (A) 0–1 G. Hopkinson (G)
M. Gretton (G) 1–0 M. James (B)

Round 2

M. Barnes (G) 1–0 J. Harrison (B)
G. Halfpenny (A) 0–1 P. Mercs (G)
A. Griffiths (B) 1–0 R. Webster (A)
A. Wright (G) 1–0 K. Harvey (B)
R. Taylor (A) 0–1 B. Hayward (G)
K. Brameld (B) 1–0 N. Graham (A)
S. Hunter (G) 1–0 W. Place (B)
P. Morgan (A) ½–½ D. Sudar (G)
M. Moore (B) 0–1 T. Lewis (A)
M. Harper (G) 0–1 P. Allen (B)
M. Jackson (A) 1–0 D. Padvis (G)
S. Parham (B) 0–1 N. Wright (A)
G. Hopkinson (G) 1–0 A. Chubb (B)
R. Sayer (A) ½–½ M. Gretton (G)
M. James (B) 0–1 S. McIntosh (A)