Navigation jamboree 2009 – NAG Challenge V

Drag Sudar

The 5th NAG challenge took place on June 30th at the Navigation. It all began as a hastily arranged match to mark Bunkers Hill moving to a new venue but has become a very popular annual summer event.

Ashfield comfortably won with 15 ½ points, Gambit were 2nd with 11 points and Navigation 3rd with 8 1/2 points. The top 4 boards were evenly contested but Ashfield showed their strength in depth by dominating the 8 other boards, losing only 2 games.

Round 1

P Cabero A 1-0 N J Harrison
A Griffiths N 0-1 G M Barnes
P Mercs G 0.5-0.5 A G Halfpenny
K Harvey N 1-0 G D Sudar
R Edwards G 1-0 A default
D Jarvis A 1-0 N W Place
K Roper G 1-0 A R Taylor
S Cranmer A 0.5-0.5 N S Foster
M Radford N 1-0 G G Gibson
N Graham A 0.5-0.5 N D Padvis
P Allen N 1-0 G P Gorecka-Marshall
G Hopkinson G 0-1 A A Robinson
S Parham N 0-1 G M Kirtley
K Heath G 0-1 A P Morgan
T Lewis A 1-0 N L Kacprzak
A Groves G 0.5-0.5 A A Morrey
R Sayer A 1-0 N K Cairney
D Blampied N 1-0 G A Lake

Round 2

J Harrison N 0-1 G P Mercs
M Barnes G 0.5-0.5 A P Cabero
G Halfpenny A 1-0 N A Griffiths
D Jarvis A 0-1 N K Harvey
W Place N 1-0 G D Sudar
default G 0-0 A default
R Taylor A 1-0 N M Radford
S Foster N 0-1 G K Roper
G Gibson G 0-1 A S Cranmer
D Padvis N 0-1 G G Hopkinson
P Gorecka-Marshall G 0.5-0.5 A N Graham
A Robinson A 1-0 N P Allen
M Kirtley G 1-0 A T Lewis
P Morgan A 1-0 N S Parham
L Kacprzak N 1-0 G K Heath
A Morrey A 0.5-0.5 N D Blampied
K Cairney N 0-1 G A Groves
A Lake G 0-1 A R Sayer

Ashfield 15.5;  Gambit 11; Navigation 8.5; 1dd