CWANG Challenge 2011

Report by Phil Morgan

The annual CWANG challenge took place on 14th July at the Horse ‘n’ Groom. Usually closely contested, this year turned into a rout for a rampant Ashfield team. In round 1 Ashfield scored an amazing 10/10. This included 5 wins with Black against West Bridgford. Ashfield had 1 poor round in Round 3 but otherwise dominated the tournament. Glenn, Pablo and Steve Burke scored heavily on the top boards.

Rapidplay is meant to favour younger minds but veterans Stan Cranmer, Ray Sayer and Alan Morrey disproved this. Stan and Ray dislike and normally avoid Rapidplay. On arrival Stan complained he wouldn’t have turned out if he’d known the time limit. This didn’t stop him notching 4 wins! Neo-veterans Bob, Neil, and Jerry Herrington (returning to chess after many years out) also scored well. Ashfield went on to win with 31½/40. The final scores were: Ashfield 31½, Gambit 20, Nomads 19½, W Bridgford 15½ & Central 13½.

The margin of Ashfield’s victory was startling. A perplexed Brian Hayward asked if we’d been practising! One note of caution, last year’s challenge was won by Nomads whose first team then had a dismal season and got relegated. Hopefully this will not be an omen for Ashfield’s two teams in Division 1.

Drag Sudar adds:

Brian may have been secretly practising himself as he was Gambit’s best player with 3 points. Nomads’ top scorer was Peter Brace with 3½ points. Central’s Patrick Allen scored 4 points for the second year running and he has a 78% record with 12 wins and 1 draw from the 16 games he’s played since BAG/NAG/CWANG began in 2005. Gambit’s Peter Mercs also has 78% with 11 wins and 6 draws from 18 games but the leading performer is Ashfield’s Ray Sayer with 82% having won 11 and drawn 1 out of 14 games. Three players have played in all 7 events: Glenn Halfpenny & Bob Taylor (both Ashfield) and Peter Mercs.

Thanks to team captains Dave, Neil, Pat & Tim for helping ensure the event ran smoothly and congratulations to Ashfield. Are Ashfield secretly plotting to change the rules so that league matches are shortened to 15 minutes per player?

CWANG shows the potential for ‘competitive’ fun chess during the summer months and maybe next year we could have a summer knockout or league if enough clubs are interested; formats could include grading limit/average handicaps and/or varying time limits.

Round 1
Glenn Halfpenny 1-0 Peter Mercs
John Harrison 1-0 Dave Flynn
Tim Walker 0-1 Pablo Padilla
John Swain 1-0 Alan Griffiths
Maurice Hill ½-½ Robert Richmond
Brian Hayward 1-0 Steve Foster
Dave Griffiths 0-1 Richard Truman
Steve Burke 1-0 John Tassi
Patrick Allen 1-0 Robert Parker
Will Place 0-1 Phil Morgan
Geof Forster 0-1 Tim Kendall
Mark Kirtley 0-1 Jerry Herrington
Derek Padvis ½-½ Andy Sutton
Graham Neil 0-1 Mike Hunter
Bob Taylor 1-0 Graham Gibson
Peter Brace 1-0 Terry Lavelle
Stan Cranmer 1-0 Gary Hopkinson
Lucasz Kacprzak 0-1 Alberto Rodriguez
Chris Fraser 0-1 Neil Graham
Andy Thompson 0-1 Ken Cairney
Sam McGregor 0-1 Ray Sayer
Alan Groves ½-½ Kevin Argyle
Steve Swanwick 1-0 Jack McGregor
Alan Morrey 1-0 Ken Heath
Michael James 0-1 Mike Swanwick

Round 2:
Peter Mercs 1-0 Maurice Hill
Dave Flynn 0-1 Glenn Halfpenny
Pablo Padilla 1-0 John Harrison
Alan Griffiths 0-1 Tim Walker
Robert Richmond ½-½ John Swain
Steve Foster ½-½ Will Place
Richard Truman 1-0 Brian Hayward
John Tassi 0-1 Dave Griffiths
Robert Parker 0-1 Steve Burke
Phil Morgan 0-1 Patrick Allen
Tim Kendall 0-1 Bob Taylor
Jerry Herrington 1-0 Geof Forster
Andy Sutton 1-0 Chris Budd
Mike Hunter 0-1 Graeme Jennings
Graham Gibson 1-0 Graham Neil
Terry Lavelle 1-0 Andy Thompson
Gary Hopkinson 0-1 Peter Brace
Alberto Rodriguez 0-1 Stan Cranmer
Neil Graham 1-0 Lucasz Kacprzak
Ken Cairney 1-0 Chris Fraser
Ray Sayer 1-0 Michael James
Kevin Argyle 1-0 Sam McGregor
Jack McGregor 0-1 Alan Groves
Ken Heath 0-1 Steve Swanwick
Mark Kirtley 1-0 Alan Morrey

Round 3:
John Harrison 0-1 Peter Mercs
Tim Walker 1-0 Dave Flynn
John Swain ½-½ Pablo Padilla
Maurice Hill ½-½ Alan Griffiths
Glen Halfpenny ½-½ Robert Richmond
Dave Griffiths ½-½ Steve Foster
Steve Burke ½-½ Richard Truman
Patrick Allen 1-0 John Tassi
Will Place ½-½ Robert Parker
Brian Hayward 1-0 Phil Morgan
Christopher Budd 0-1 Tim Kendall
Graeme Jennings ½-½ Jerry Herrington
Graham Neil 0-1 Andy Sutton
Bob Taylor ½-½ Mike Hunter
Geof Forster 1-0 Graham Gibson
Stan Cranmer 1-0 Terry Lavelle
Lucasz Kacprzak 0-1 Gary Hopkinson
Chris Fraser 0-1 Mark Kirtley
Andy Thompson ½-½ Neil Graham
Peter Brace 1-0 Ken Cairney
Alan Groves 1-0 Ray Sayer
Steve Swanwick 1-0 Kevin Argyle
Alan Morrey ½-½ Jack McGregor
Michael James 0-1 Ken Heath
Sam McGregor 0-1 Mike Swanwick

Round 4:
Peter Mercs ½-½ Tim Walker
Dave Flynn ½-½ John Swain
Pablo Padilla 1-0 Maurice Hill
Alan Griffiths 0-1 Glenn Halfpenny
Robert Richmond 1-0 John Harrison
Steve Foster 0-1 Steve Burke
Richard Truman 0-1 Patrick Allen
John Tassi 1-0 Will Place
Robert Parker 0-1 Brian Hayward
Phil Morgan ½-½ Dave Griffiths
Tim Kendall 1-0 Graeme Jennings
Jerry Herrington 1-0 Mark Kirtley
Andy Sutton 0-1 Bob Taylor
Mike Hunter 1-0 Geof Forster
Graham Gibson 0-1 Christopher Budd
Terry Lavelle 1-0 Lucasz Kacprzak
Gary Hopkinson 1-0 Chris Fraser
Alberto Rodriguez 0-1 Andy Thompson
Neil Graham ½-½ Peter Brace
Ken Cairney 0-1 Stan Cranmer
Ray Sayer 1-0 Steve Swanwick
Kevin Argyle 0-1 Alan Morrey
Jack McGregor 1-0 Michael James
Ken Heath 1-0 Sam McGregor
Mike Swanwick 1-0 Alan Groves

Final Scores
Ashfield 31½
Gambit 20
Nomads 19½
West Bridgford 15½
Central 13½