CWANG Challenge 2012

Report by Drag Sudar

CWANG 2012 took place on 12th July, once again at the Horse 'n' Groom. Defending champions Ashfield comfortably retained the title with 29 points. W Bridgford almost threatened to challenge but finished 2nd on 23 points. After a very poor start Gambit improved and scored an impressive 9/10 in round 4 to finish 3rd on 22.5 points. Central scored just below 50% in rounds 1 - 3 but then collapsed in round 4 to finish 4th on 15.5 points. As for former winners Nomads, how the mighty have fallen: even though they could boast the individual result of the evening, Maurice Hill beating Robert Richmond, they had a nightmare in round 4 scoring 0 points to finish 5th on as many points as I had halves.

Michael Barnes, Andre Antunes, Phil Morgan and Neil Graham scored a perfect 4/4 with Jerry Herrington, Stan Cranmer and Martyn Winn scoring 3.5/4.

Many thanks to the captains Pat, Dave, Tim, Neil and Mike for helping ensure that things ran smoothly.

Final note. Asked if we could hold the event there again, the pub manager replied 'Yes Please!'.

Final Scores
    R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
A ASHFIELD 7.5 6.5 6.5 8.5 29.0
B GAMBIT 3.0 5.0 5.5 9.0 22.5
C W. BRIDGFORD 6.5 5.0 6.0 5.5 23.0
D NOMADS 3.5 4.0 2.5 0.0 10.0
E CENTRAL 4.5 4.5 4.5 2.0 15.5
    25 25 25 25 100

Round 1
A1 Glenn Halfpenny 0-1 Michael Barnes B1
C1 Rob Hearne ½-½ Dave Flynn D1
E1 Alan Griffiths 1-0 Richard Webster A2
B2 John Swain ½-½ Robert Richmond C2
D2 Maurice Hill 0-1 Kev Harvey E2
B3 Tim Kendall ½-½ Tim Walker C3
D3 Dave Griffiths 0-1 John Harrison E3
A3 Steve Burke 1-0 John Tassi B4
C4 Andre Antunes 1-0 Graham Neil D4
E4 Steve Foster ½-½ Bob Taylor A4
C5 Terry Nabbs 0-1 Pete Brace D5
E5 Andy Sutton 0-1 Jerry Herrington A5
B5 John Huthwaite 0-1 Mike Hunter C6
D6 Robert Parker 0-1 Lucasz Kaprczak E6
A6 Alan Robinson 1-0 Gary Hopkinson B6
D7 Mike Swanwick 1-0 Simon Parham E7
A7 Neil Graham 1-0 Graham Gibson B7
C7 Allan Brown 1-0 Steve Swanwick D8
E8 Kev Argyle 0-1 Phil Morgan A8
B8 Mick Harper 1-0 Chris Fraser C8
E9 Michael James 0-1 Trevor Lewis A9
B9 Andrew Thompson 0-1 Martyn Winn C9
D9 Craig Smith 1-0 Ken Richards E10
A10 Stan Cranmer 1-0 Ken Heath B10
C10 Ed French 1-0 Andy Richmond D10

Round 2
B1 Michael Barnes 1-0 Maurice Hill D2
D1 Dave Flynn ½-½ Glenn Halfpenny A1
A2 Richard Webster 0-1 Rob Hearne C1
C2 Robert Richmond 1-0 Alan Griffiths E1
E2 Kev Harvey ½-½ John Swain B2
C3 Tim Walker ½-½ Steve Foster E4
E3 John Harrison 1-0 Tim Kendall B3
B4 John Tassi 0-1 Dave Griffiths D3
D4 Graham Neil 0-1 Steve Burke A3
A4 Bob Taylor 0-1 Andre Antunes C4
D5 Pete Brace 1-0 Alan Robinson A6
A5 Jerry Herrington 1-0 Terry Nabbs C5
C6 Mike Hunter 0-1 Andy Sutton E5
E6 Lucasz Kaprczak 0-1 John Huthwaite B5
B6 Gary Hopkinson 1-0 Robert Parker D6
E7 Simon Parham 1-0 Mick Harper B8
B7 Graham Gibson ½-½ Mike Swanwick D7
D8 Steve Swanwick 0-1 Neil Graham A7
A8 Phil Morgan 1-0 Allan Brown C7
C8 Chris Fraser ½-½ Kev Argyle E8
A9 Trevor Lewis 1-0 Ed French C10
C9 Martyn Winn 1-0 Michael James E9
E10 Ken Richards 0-1 Andrew Thompson B9
B10 Ken Heath 0-1 Craig Smith D9
D10 Andy Richmond 0-1 Stan Cranmer A10

Round 3
C1 Rob Hearne 0-1 Michael Barnes B1
E1 Alan Griffiths 0-1 Dave Flynn D1
B2 John Swain 1-0 Richard Webster A2
D2 Maurice Hill 1-0 Robert Richmond C2
A1 Glenn Halfpenny ½-½ Kev Harvey E2
D3 Dave Griffiths 0-1 Tim Walker C3
A3 Steve Burke ½-½ John Harrison E3
C4 Andre Antunes 1-0 John Tassi B4
E4 Steve Foster 1-0 Graham Neil D4
B3 Tim Kendall 0-1 Bob Taylor A4
E5 Andy Sutton 1-0 Pete Brace D5
B5 John Huthwaite ½-½ Jerry Herrington A5
D6 Robert Parker 0-1 Mike Hunter C6
A6 Alan Robinson 1-0 Lucasz Kaprczak E6
C5 Terry Nabbs 1-0 Gary Hopkinson B6
A7 Neil Graham 1-0 Simon Parham E7
C7 Allan Brown 0-1 Graham Gibson B7
E8 Kev Argyle ½-½ Steve Swanwick D8
B8 Mick Harper 0-1 Phil Morgan A8
D7 Mike Swanwick 0-1 Chris Fraser C8
B9 Andrew Thompson 1-0 Trevor Lewis A9
D9 Craig Smith 0-1 Martyn Winn C9
A10 Stan Cranmer 1-0 Ken Richards E10
C10 Ed French 0-1 Ken Heath B10
E9 Michael James 1-0 Andy Richmond D10

Round 4
B1 Michael Barnes 1-0 Alan Griffiths E1
D1 Dave Flynn 0-1 John Swain B2
A2 Richard Webster 1-0 Maurice Hill D2
C2 Robert Richmond 0-1 Glenn Halfpenny A1
E2 Kev Harvey 1-0 Rob Hearne C1
C3 Tim Walker 1-0 Steve Burke A3
E3 John Harrison 0-1 Andre Antunes C4
B4 John Tassi ½-½ Steve Foster E4
D4 Graham Neil 0-1 Tim Kendall B3
A4 Bob Taylor 1-0 Dave Griffiths D3
D5 Pete Brace 0-1 John Hutchwaite B5
A5 Jerry Herrington 1-0 Robert Parker D6
C6 Mike Hunter 0-1 Alan Robinson A6
E6 Lucasz Kaprczak 0-1 Terry Nabbs C5
B6 Gary Hopkinson ½-½ Andy Sutton E5
E7 Simon Parham 0-1 Allan Brown C7
B7 Grahm Gibson 1-0 Kev Argyle E8
D8 Steve Swanwick 0-1 Mick Harper B8
A8 Phil Morgan 1-0 Mike Swanwick D7
C8 Chris Fraser 0-1 Neil Graham A7
A9 Trevor Lewis 1-0 Craig Smith D9
C9 Martyn Winn ½-½ Stan Cranmer A10
E10 Ken Richards 0-1 Ed French C10
B10 Ken Heath 1-0 Michael James E9
D10 Andy Richmond 0-1 Andrew Thompson B9