The 4th CWANG event (and 9th event since BAG I in 2005) took place on Thursday 11th July 2013 at the Horse ‘n’ Groom in Basford. It was the closest completion since the 5 team format began with no more than 1.5 points in any round between Ashfield, going for a hat-trick of wins, and Gambit, yet to win under the new format.

Gambit had a narrow lead at the halfway stage but Ashfield came storming back in round 3 to lead by half a point. In the exciting final round the result was unclear until Brian Hayward beat Neil Graham to ensure the victory for Gambit by a mere 1.5 point margin.

Nomads and West Bridgford shared 3rd place with 15 points and Central scored 11.5 points.

Perfect scores were achieved by Steve Bak (Ashfield), John Huthwaite (Gambit) and Robert Richmond (WB), with Graham Gibson (Gambit), Phil Morgan (Ashfield) and Derek Padvis (playing for WB) scoring 3.5 points.

It was another very enjoyable evening and it would be great if there were more fun chess events during the summer months.

Final Scores
C Gambit 30
E Ashfield 28½
A Nomads 15
B West Bridgford 15
D Central 11½

Breakdown Between Clubs:
C Gambit 6 4 Ashfield E
C Gambit West Bridgford B
C Gambit Nomads A
C Gambit 9 1 Central D
E Ashfield West Bridgford B
E Ashfield 9 1 Nomads A
E Ashfield 8 2 Central D
B West Bridgford 4 6 Nomads A
B West Bridgford 5 5 Central D
A Nomads Central D

Round 1
A1 Mark Kenyon 0-1 Robert Richmond B1
C1 Michael Barnes 1-0 Kev Harvey D1
E1 Glenn Halfpenny 1-0 Maurice Hill A2
B2 Richard Truman 0-1 Christian Steinwachs C2
D2 Alan Griffiths 0-1 Steve Burke E2
B3 Chris Budd 0-1 Marc Subira C3
D3 William Place 1-0 Jerry Herrington E3
A3 Shane Bhayatt 1-0 Mike Hunter B4
C4 John Swain 1-0 Steve Foster D4
E4 Phil Morgan 1-0 Gary Hopkinson A4
C5 Brian Hayward 1-0 Mark Radford D5
E5 Bob Taylor 1-0 David Griffiths A5
B5 Michael Harper 0-1 Drag Sudar C6
D6 Richard Edwards ½-½ Neil Graham (Ash) E6
A6 Alan Kenyon ½-½ Maggie Gretton B6
D7 Andy Sutton 0-1 Steve Bak E7
A7 Graham Neil (Nom) 1-0 Chris Fraser B7
C7 John Tassi 1-0 Andrew Thompson D8
E8 Alan Robinson 1-0 Robert Parker A8
B8 Bob Abrahart 0-1 John Huthwaite C8
E9 Stan Cranmer 1-0 Craig Smith A9
B9 Derek Padvis 1-0 Tim Kendall C9
D9 Kevin Argyle 0-1 Trevor Lewis E10
A10 Steve Swanwick 1-0 Ken Heath B10
C10 Graham Gibson 1-0 Mike James D10

Round 2:
B1 Robert Richmond 1-0 Alan Griffiths D2
D1 Kev Harvey 0-1 Mark Kenyon A1
A2 Maurice Hill 0-1 Michael Barnes C1
C2 Christian Steinwachs 0-1 Glenn Halfpenny E1
E2 Steve Burke ½-½ Richard Truman B2
C3 Marc Subira 0-1 Phil Morgan E4
E3 Jerry Herrington 1-0 Chris Budd B3
B4 Mike Hunter 0-1 William Place D3
D4 Steve Foster 1-0 Shane Bhayatt A3
A4 Gary Hopkinson 0-1 John  Swain C4
D5 Mark Radford 0-1 Alan Kenyon A6
A5 David Griffiths 1-0 Brian Hayward C5
C6 Drag Sudar 1-0 Bob Taylor E5
E6 Neil Graham (Ash) 1-0 Michael Harper B5
B6 Maggie Gretton 0-1 Richard Edwards D6
E7 Steve Bak 1-0 Bob Abrahart B8
B7 Chris Fraser 1-0 Andy Sutton D7
D8 Andrew Thompson ½-½ Graham Neil (Nom) A7
A8 Robert Parker ½-½ John Tassi C7
C8 John Hutchwaite 1-0 Alan Robinson E8
A9 Craig Smith 0-1 Graham Gibson C10
C9 Tim Kendall 1-0 Stan Cranmer E9
E10 Trevor Lewis 0-1 Derek Padvis B9
B10 Ken Heath 1-0 Kevin Argyle D9
D10 Mike James 0-1 Steve Swanwick A10

Round 3:
C1 Michael Barnes 0-1 Robert Richmond B1
E1 Glenn Halfpenny 1-0 Kev Harvey D1
B2 Richard Truman 1-0 Maurice Hill A2
D2 Alan Griffiths 1-0 Christian Steinwachs C2
A1 Mark Kenyon ½-½ Steve Burke E2
D3 William Place 0-1 Marc Subira C3
A3 Shane Bhayatt 0-1 Jerry Herrington E3
C4 John Swain ½-½ Mike Hunter B4
E4 Phil Morgan ½-½ Steve Foster D4
B3 Chris Budd 1-0 Gary Hopkinson A4
E5 Bob Taylor 1-0 Mark Radford D5
B5 Michael Harper 0-1 David Griffiths A5
D6 Richard Edwards 0-1 Graeme Jennings C6
A6 Alan Kenyon ½-½ Neil Graham (Ash) E6
C5 Brian Hayward 0-1 Maggie Gretton B6
A7 Graham Neil (nom) 0-1 Steve Bak E7
C7 John Tassi 1-0 Chris Fraser B7
E8 Alan Robinson 1-0 Andrew Thompson D8
B8 Bob Abrahart 0-1 Robert Parker A8
D7 Andy Sutton 0-1 John Huthwaite C8
B9 Derek Padvis ½-½ Craig Smith A9
D9 Kevin Argyle 0-1 Tim Kendall C9
A10 Steve Swanwick 0-1 Trevor Lewis E10
C10 Graham Gibson 1-0 Ken Heath B10
E9 Stan Cranmer 1-0 Mike Swanwick D10

Round 4:
B1 Robert Richmond 1-0 Glenn Halfpenny E1
D1 Kev Harvey 1-0 Richard Truman B2
A2 Maurice Hill 0-1 Alan Griffiths D2
C2 Christian Steinwachs 1-0 Mark Kenyon A1
E2 Steve Burke 0-1 Michael Barnes C1
C3 Marc Subira 1-0 Shane Bhayatt A3
E3 Jerry Herrington ½-½ John Swain C4
B4 Mike Hunter 0-1 Phil Morgan E4
D4 Steve Foster 1-0 Chris Budd B3
A4 Gary Hopkinson 0-1 William Place D3
D5 Mark Radford 0-1 Michael Harper B5
A5 David Griffiths 1-0 Richard Edwards D6
C6 Graeme Jennings 1-0 Alan Kenyon A6
E6 Neil Graham (Ash) 0-1 Brian Hayward C5
B6 Maggie Gretton 0-1 Bob Taylor E5
E7 Steve Bak 1-0 John Tassi C7
B7 Chris Fraser 0-1 Alan Robinson E8
D8 Andrew Thompson 1-0 Bob Abrahart B8
A8 Robert Parker 1-0 Andy Sutton D7
C8 John Huthwaite 1-0 Graham Neil (Nom) A7
A9 Craig Smith 1-0 Kevin Argyle D9
C9 Tim Kendall 1-0 Steve Swanwick A10
E10 Trevor Lewis ½-½ Graham Gibson C10
B10 Ken Heath 0-1 Stan Cranmer E9
D10 Mike James 0-1 Derek Padvis B9