CWANG 2014

Report by organiser Drag Sudar

The 10th BAG/CWANG event took place on Thursday 17 July at the Horse ‘n’ Groom (Nomads’ new venue). For those unfamiliar with the pub, it’s on the corner of Radford Road and North Gate and has ample on street parking. It’s just around the corner from the Wilkinson St Tram Stop and a 6 or 7 minute walk from the Haydn Rd (BA24) stop on Nottingham Road (yellow line buses 68, 69, 70, 71).

There were some initial problems. Ashfield’s players were delayed by traffic problems but eventually 9 turned up. Nomads found out their top two boards were not turning up. West Bridgford took first prize though as they inexplicably contrived to turn up with just 3 players!

I was able to restructure the event as 5 teams of nine players. Central, who had combined forces with Mansfield to create a ‘super team’, donated a player to Nomads and their non-playing captain Steve Foster ended up playing for West Bridgford together with 5 players from Gambit.

Once the teams were sorted the event ran very smoothly. After round 1 Central/Mansfield, Ashfield and Gambit all shared the lead on 5½ with the newly renamed ‘West Gamford’ close behind on 5 points while Nomads lagged behind on 1½. John Tassi provided the round’s shock result beating Kevin Harvey.

In round 2 Gambit took a slight lead with 12½ points, Central/Mansfield were 2nd on 12, and Ashfield third on 1½. Bob Abrahart produced the shock of the round beating Mark Radford.

Round 3 was very good for Central/Mansfield as they picked up 7½ points to storm into the lead with Gambit 2½ points back. Maggie Gretton provided the surprise result beating John Tassi.

Central/Mansfield maintained their form in round 4 to win the event with 25 points. Gambit finished 2nd on 22, Ashfield were 3rd with 19½, West Gamford 4th on 17½ and Nomads 5th on 8 points. There were 4 shock results: Phil Morgan beat Steve Hunter, Graham Neil beat Alan Griffiths, Bob Abrahart beat Stan Cranmer and Simon Parham beat Pat Allen.

As expected, this format suited the Mansfield lads who all scored at least 3 points with Janos ‘The Master’ Wagenbach winning all 4 of his games, 2 of them on time (what a surprise eh?).

I’m pleased Central got their first ever win, albeit with Mansfield’s help, as they helped get this event started back in 2005, in which 11 of this year’s competitors took part (or 12 if you include me).

The player of the tournament has to be West Bridgford’s Bob Abrahart who beat two considerably stronger players and scored 3 points in total.

Final Scores
E Central/Mansfield 25
D Gambit 22
A Ashfield 19
C West Gamford 17
B Nomads 8

Round Scores
    R1 R2 R3 R4
E Central/Mansfield
D Gambit 7 5
A Ashfield 5 4 5
C West Gamford 5 3 6
B Nomads 1 4

Round 1
A1 Pablo Padilla Cabero 1-0 Mark Kenyon B1
C1 Richard Truman 0-1 Michael Barnes D1
E1 Jon Tait ½-½ Glenn Halfpenny A2
B2 Shane Bhayat 0-1 Will Place C2
D2 John Swain 0-1 Jim Burnett E2
B3 Dave Griffiths ½-½ Steve Foster C3
D3 Steve Hunter 1-0 Chris Cantrill E3
A3 Jerry Herrington 1-0 Alan Kenyon B4
C4 Mick Harper 0-1 Graeme Jennings D4
E4 Ken Morrison 1-0 Phil Morgan A4
C5 Andrew Thompson ½-½ Mike Naylor D5
E5 Alan Griffiths 0-1 Bob Taylor A5
B5 Robert Parker 0-1 Maggie Gretton C6
D6 John Tassi 1-0 Kev Harvey E6
A6 Neil Graham 1-0 Graham Neil B6
D7 John Huthwaite 0-1 Janos Wagenbach E7
A7 Stan Cranmer 1-0 Mike Swanwick B7
C7 Derek Padvis 1-0 Gary Hopkinson D8
E8 Mark Radford 1-0 Trevor Lewis A8
B8 Steve Swanwick 0-1 Bob Abrahart C8
E9 Pat Allen 1-0 Nigel Wright A9
B9 Simon Parham 1-0 Ken Heath C9
D9 Ian Barker 1 (bye)


Round 2
B1 Mark Kenyon 0-1 John Swain D2
D1 Michael Barnes 1-0 Pablo Padilla Cabero A1
A2 Glenn Halfpenny 1-0 Richard Truman C1
C2 Will Place 0-1 Jon Tait E1
E2 Jim Burnett 1-0 Shane Bhayat B2
C3 Steve Foster ½-½ Ken Morrison E4
E3 Chris Cantrill 1-0 Dave Griffiths B3
B4 Alan Kenyon 0-1 Steve Hunter D3
D4 Graeme Jennings 1-0 Jerry Herrington A3
A4 Phil Morgan 1-0 Mick Harper C4
D5 Mike Naylor ½-½ Neil Graham A6
A5 Bob Taylor ½-½ Andrew Thompson C5
C6 Maggie Gretton 0-1 Alan Griffiths E5
E6 Kev Harvey 1-0 Robert Parker B5
B6 Graham Neil 0-1 John Tassi D6
E7 Janos Wagenbach 1-0 Steve Swanwick B8
B7 Mike Swanwick ½-½ John Huthwaite D7
D8 Gary Hopkinson 0-1 Stan Cranmer A7
A8 Trevor Lewis 0-1 Derek Padvis C7
C8 Bob Abrahart 1-0 Mark Radford E8
A9 Nigel Wright 1-0 Ken Heath C10
D9 Ian Barker 1-0 Pat Allen E9
B9 Simon Parham 1 (bye)


Round 3
C1 Richard Truman 1-0 Mark Kenyon B1
E1 Jon Tait ½-½ Michael Barnes D1
B2 Shane Bhayat 0-1 Glenn Halfpenny A2
D2 John Swain 0-1 Will Place C2
A1 Pablo Padilla Cabero 0-1 Jim Burnett E2
D3 Steve Hunter 1-0 Steve Foster C3
A3 Jerry Herrington 0-1 Chris Cantrill E3
C4 Mick Harper 1-0 Alan Kenyon B4
E4 Ken Morrison 1-0 Graeme Jennings D4
B3 Dave Griffiths 0-1 Phil Morgan A4
E5 Alan Griffiths 0-1 Mike Naylor D5
B5 Robert Parker 1-0 Bob Taylor A5
D6 John Tassi 0-1 Maggie Gretton C6
A6 Neil Graham 0-1 Kev Harvey E6
C5 Andrew Thompson 1-0 Graham Neil B6
A7 Stan Cranmer 0-1 Janos Wagenbach E7
C7 Derek Padvis 1-0 Mike Swanwick B7
E8 Mark Radford 1-0 Gary Hopkinson D8
B8 Steve Swanwick 0-1 Trevor Lewis A8
D7 John Huthwaite 1-0 Bob Abrahart C8
B9 Simon Parham 0-1 Nigel Wright A9
D9 Ian Barker 1-0 Ken Heath C9
E9 Pat Allen 1 (bye)


Round 4
B1 Mark Kenyon 0-1 Jon Tait E1
D1 Michael Barnes 1-0 Shane Bhayat B2
A2 Glenn Halfpenny 1-0 John Swain D2
C2 Will Place 0-1 Pablo Padilla Cabero A1
E2 Jim Burnett ½-½ Richard Truman C1
C3 Steve Foster ½-½ Jerry Herrington A3
E3 Chris Cantrill 1-0 Mick Harper C4
B4 Alan Kenyon 0-1 Ken Morrison E4
D4 Graeme Jennings 1-0 Dave Griffiths B3
A4 Phil Morgan 1-0 Steve Hunter D3
D5 Mike Naylor 0-1 Robert Parker B5
A5 Bob Taylor 1-0 John Tassi D6
C6 Maggie Gretton ½-½ Neil Graham A6
E6 Kev Harvey 1-0 Andrew Thompson C5
B6 Graham Neil 1-0 Alan Griffiths E5
E7 Janos Wagenbach 1-0 Derek Padvis C7
B7 Mike Swanwick 1-0 Mark Radford E8
D8 Gary Hopkinson 1-0 Steve Swanwick B8
A8 Trevor Lewis 0-1 John Huthwaite D7
C8 Bob Abrahart 1-0 Stan Cranmer A7
A9 Nigel Wright 0-1 Ian Barker D9
B9 Simon Parham 1-0 Pat Allen E9
C9 Ken Heath 1 (bye)