Fixtures – 2009–10

A spreadsheet containing all of the season’s fixtures can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel

Results – 2009–10

(Posted 24th April, 2010)


Champions: Grantham 1 - Congratulations to Grantham for winning Division 1 for the first time since 2001/02
and breaking University's hold on the title for the last 3 years.
Runner Up: University 1

Relegated: West Nottingham 1 and Nottingham Central 1 are relegared


Champions: Mansfield 1 - Runaway winners, dropping only 1 point all season
Runner Up: Long Eaton

Relegated: Radcliffe & Bingham 1 and Nomads 2 are relegated.


Champions: Grantham 2
Runner Up: Ashfield 3

Relegated: West Nottingham 3 and Mansfield 2 are relegated


Champions: West Nottingham 5 - Worthy winners, unbeaten all season
Runner Up: Nomads 3

Relegated: Ashfield 4


Champions: Radcliffe & Bingham 2
Runner Up: Nomads 4

Bottom: Nottingham Central 4 win the wooden spoon, as there cannot be relegation from Division 5

Any indicated promotions / relegations etc are only provisional at this stage, and can only be confirmed at the LMC
meeting in July, once all the entries for the 2010/11 season have been received, and the league format finalised.

Procedure for submitting results:

All results should be sent to the Records Secretary:

David Griffiths
Address 47 Templeoak Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham. NG8 2SF

(preferably by email, but post / delivery is acceptable)

League Rules in respect of submitting results:

Rule B14 - "Each captain must email, post or personally deliver the result to the Records Secretary within 7 days"
(Therefore, I should receive duplicate notification for each result)

Rule D5 - "The penalty for infringing rule B14 is a fine of 1 for each infringement"

Polite Request to Club Captains

Please submit league results promptly - if you have email you have no excuses!

The results are used for a number of purposes:
i) Player eligibility needs to be maintained and monitored throughout the season
ii) Grading is also ongoing throughout the year
iii) Up to date league tables can only be maintained through prompt result submissions

Many Thanks

David Griffiths
NCA Results Secretary

For results see the individual divisions’ pages.