Bunkers jamboree 2006 – BAG Challenge II

Drag Sudar

Last year Bunkers hosted a challenge match between themselves, Ashfield and Gambit. It was such a good evening that we agreed to have another one at the end of this season.

So on Tuesday 25 July, 30 players met up at the Navigation for the second challenge match. It was a 10 board, two round jamboree with each player having 30 minutes on the clock. Neil got the event off to the best possible start by forgetting to bring the draw with him!

Kevin Harvey generously dropped himself when 11 Bunkers players turned up, but this tactical blunder proved fatal for Bunkers’ chances of winning.

Round 1

In Round 1, Ashfield got 6 points, Gambit 5 and Bunkers 4.

J. Harrison (B) 0–1 M. Barnes (G)
P. Mercs (G) ½–½ S. Burke (A)
G. Halfpenny (A) 1–0 K. Brameld (B)
A. Griffiths (B) 1–0 Z. Soki (G)
B. Hayward (G) 0–1 R. Webster (A)
R. Taylor (A) 1–0 M. Radford (B)
M. Moore (B) 1–0 A. Wright (G)
D. Sudar (G) 1–0 S. Cranmer (A)
N. Graham (A) 1–0 M. Frings (B)
S. Parham (B) 0–1 M. Harper (G)
G. Hopkinson (G) 0–1 M. Jackson (A)
N. Wright (A) 0–1 A. Chubb (B)
K. Cairney (B) 0–1 D. Padvis (G)
K. Heath (G) ½–½ S. McIntosh (A)
T. Norris-Hunt (A) 0–1 P. Allen (B)

Round 2

In Round 2, Ashfield got 5½ points, Gambit 6½ and Bunkers 3.

S. Burke (A) 0–1 J. Harrison (B)
M. Barnes (G) 0–1 G. Halfpenny (A)
K. Brameld (B) 0–1 P. Mercs (G)
R. Webster (A) 1–0 A. Griffiths (B)
Z. Soki (G) 1–0 R. Taylor (A)
M. Radford (B) 1–0 B. Hayward (G)
S. Cranmer (A) 1–0 M. Moore (B)
A. Wright (G) ½–½ N. Graham (A)
M. Frings (B) 0–1 D. Sudar (G)
M. Jackson (A) 1–0 S. Parham (B)
M. Harper (G) 1–0 N. Wright (A)
A. Chubb (B) 0–1 G. Hopkinson (G)
S. McIntosh (A) 1–0 K. Cairney (B)
D. Padvis (G) 1–0 T. Norris-Hunt (A)
P. Allen (B) 1–0 K. Heath (G)

This meant that Ashfield and Gambit were tied on 11½ points. A playoff (three five-minute games) was arranged with Kev and Patrick drawing out three pairings at random.

Richard Webster clinically took Gary Hopkinson apart piece by piece. Glenn missed Tony’s sacrifice and was mated. Sally battled gamely against Brian but experience finally told with Brian forcing through a passed pawn. So Gambit narrowly defended their ‘title’.

Thanks to Kev for organising the event, to Neil for controlling it and to everyone who turned up for a really enjoyable evening. We’re already looking forward to the next one.